A leader in building labs since 1969.
For over 40 years Bruce Allen Associates has been finding cost effective solutions for education, health care, research and industrial laboratories.
A recognized leader.We provide design and installation while offering a complete line of high quality, innovative metal and wood lab cabinets, technical furniture, computer stations, lab tables, lab fixtures, fume hoods, stainless steel casework, sinks, work benches, work tops, peg boards, and safety cabinets. Check out our partners Leonard Peterson & Co and Metal Arc Inc.
Go Green.We can help you build a new lab, a "Green" lab or remodel your existing lab. Our latest state of the art "Green Solution" fume hoods use 96% less energy than traditional fume hoods with a 70% savings in operating costs. View more from our partner Air Master Systems Corp.
Made In The USA.We stand behind all of our products, which are of course, Made In The USA. We are an MBE contractor.



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